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It was a blessed year..........

Celebrating the 2018-2019 Show Season

8 Grand Champions
2 Regional Wins--Championship
1 National Win---Kitten
2 Distinguished Merits

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GC, NW Suavere's  Ruairi Edward
​One Show Grand Champion at 
8 months @ the Cotton States Show
GC, RW Suavere's Redford

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2014-2015 Show Stoppers
GC, RW Suavere's Flaming Heart

GC Suavere's Heart Afire

GC Suavere's Vegas Mirage

GC Suavere's Dress Code

GC Suavere's Mia Amore

GC Goliada Clare of Suavere

GC Suavere's Bri-Anna of Fancyfluff DM

GC Suavere's Athena

GC, BW, NW Suavere's Flame d'Amore DM